Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ideal midreview

Below are some select images from mid review pin up last Friday.  As has been the case in the past, my diagramming fell a bit flat.  Also I won't be attempting Ideal anything moving forward.  Instead, I am thinking of these as simply abstract houses.  I'm comfortable in a world that is entirely made up of contingent relationships.  This seems to be precisely what parametrics should be good at responding to, and differently in each case, always.  We have some random criteria: shape, slope, environment, etc., and I don't think there is any real value in attempting to manifest something "ideal," in terms of Values at any rate, in response to these.  What is "ideal" is as contingent as these more literal variables.  Ideal for what, and who? Not a useful concept for me, as idealism implies some (imaginary) preconcieved outcome.  I never was a Platonist.  There's no diamond in my mind, you know?  Just the picture of one I saw on TV once, or the one in an inherited engagement ring, or a Tom Waits lyric I remember.

The other option would be to stake out a polemic regarding what a house should be; a far larger undertaking than the truncated scope of this studio can really take on.

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