Tuesday, October 18, 2011


As the current agendaist I proposed the following for our next meeting. I've tried to get as specific as possible and frame things in a way that will enable us to quickly pin down and move past, the remaining big picture issues.

Review clustered Brainstorm.  What can we jettison? Can we streamline 1)what we want our system to do (scope/capability). 2)What specific technical issues we will have to resolve to accomplish this (feasibility) and 3) what underlying concerns, that are not easily or technically 'solvable', do we want to keep in the background of our work (context).  The goal here is to be specific and concise.

Define scope of the project moving forward.  This is an opportunity to expand on what we need to do/learn/test/research to achieve 1 and 2 from above.  We might also take the advice that "this project seems the most developed and successfully integrated use of technologies.  Work on the aesthetics." I think there should be a gut check here of just what we are capable of accomplishing (to a level of finish acceptable to us all) with the time remaining in the semester.

Define scope of work/presentation for this coming tuesday.  what are the most pressing immediate issues to resolve?  Will we use the sponsored LEDs?  What is the status of a trip back to Hamtramck?  When is the next meeting, and what are the expected deliverables for the start of that meeting for each group member?

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