Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pros, Cons, and Ambitions

Everyone switched teams and projects today. I thought I'd try to keep some up-to-date process/decision notes so there's no archaeology needed when it comes time to present our working process for week 2 next Tuesday.

1. Met as a group and identified and listed potential pros and cons of the existing design as it was presented today.
2. Broke off as individuals to work out (model/sketch/think) how further design development would address these in the next iteration. Some 2 and 3 person side conversations developed and batted around specific ideas.
3. Came back together, and as a group added a third category of ambitions and objectives for the next iteration, that were not present in the current one. 
4.  Agreed on a time for the next meeting, and decided that everyone would bring a model, and be ready to explain that model's logic in addressing the listed issues, to the next meeting.
5. Brandon photographed, and emailed these lists to the group.

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