Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Freeth's Nephroid

This seemed like a good list to inspire geometric gymnastics in digital project, as well as offer some precise terminology to speak about that geometry.


"The nephroid has been described as the perfect shape for a multi-seat dining table. Not to be mistaken with the ordinary nephroid, just described, is Freeth's nephroid, named after the English mathematician T. J. Freeth (1819–1904) who first wrote about it in a paper published by the London Mathematical Society in 1879. Freeth's nepthroid is the strophoid of a circle and has the polar equation r = a(1 + 2sinθ/2). Freeth's nephroid is also the name of group of mathematicians, mostly from Royal Holloway College, London, who gather weekly in a pub called the Beehive and compete in games of trivial pursuit."

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