Wednesday, November 2, 2011

meet 11/3

As the project gains resolution and direction, the agenda becomes a bit more skeletal.  My proposal for tomorrow evening's meeting.

Tasks to be defined and delegated for work this weekend.

1. make a simple mock up with a series of PIRs and series of LEDs to test/demonstrate code with.  this means getting the PIRs we have to work, or deciding definitively we need to junk them.

2. complete material durability tests, including documentation (video?).  enumerate what other structural configurations we want to look at.

3. do some light studies.  devise a set of LED + coduit + acrylic + paint(?) combinations to build and then compare.  (I bought 6ft of 1/2" acrylic rod today)

4. come up with several formal design options, and represent them so that we can present a limited set of options for feedback on tuesday, and declare a winner at that time to move forward with.

5. work out how all the wires in one unit go to one wire and then the Arduino.  flex something or other that Keenan was talking about? this is proof of concept and only needs to be wire and lights.  

6. investigations with wireless stuff from John.  will it work, do we need to budget something else?

7. other agendas I've forgotten or are demanded by the schedule we put together on tuesday?

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