Monday, October 3, 2011

a house, finally!

This is perhaps the most productive of the three in thinking about Ideal Houses.  I've done so much excavating on it that it's pretty much guaranteed to lock up and turn red if any of the parameters are changed, but it is recognizably a house, and presumptions about what might be ideal can be read back into the work and then projected forward.  The scale figure happened last, and as Karl and I discussed, it's not really necessary to get an idea of the overall form as inhabitable.  That seems to be inherent in some of the relationships of the voided volumes.  Scale figures seem to operate more in determining between 42" and 60".  Is that opening at someone's waist, chin, nose?  Is that a step or a seat?

This spacious modern cliff-side dwelling offers expansive views and is being offered at $2.5M.
Egress TBD.  No parking.

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