Sunday, September 18, 2011

thurs. & sun. mtgs., grp1 wk2

1. Branden wrote an agenda on the white board.  We didn't stick precisely to the times outlined, but it gave the meeting structure and a set of internal goals.
2. We each introduced and discussed our individual work.  I retried a wound spring, with a fanned out PV array on the front, and some kind of generator to power LEDs
3.  We discussed as a whole group what we wanted to draw on from the work prior and then split into groups of two to tackle specific issues.
4.  We met back as a whole group, worked out what we were aiming for in single unit, figured out what we hadn't figured out yet, and set everyone with specific tasks and areas to work on before the next meeting.
5.Branden sent and email recapping the areas everyone was going to be working in.

1. Started right into a review of what each of us had been working on.
2. Identified the key areas still to be developed for a complete prototype (aggregating structure to hold PVs and mount dynamos and lights to,  and specific design of whirling light dispersal fan.) Assigned the design/fabrication/diagramming of these parts.
3. Listed what content we wanted for the presentation given our work thus far, assigned who would be providing what content.  Natalie will be collecting and compiling it all.
4. Set a time Monday night for a final meeting, prototype assembly, and presentation review.

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